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In 1994, Mario and Yvonne Tosta fled Cuba with their two sons and arrive in the United States as political refugees.  Their oldest son, Dayan Tosta, was diagnosed with a developmental disability, after an illness at infancy.

In the first months in the U.S. the Tosta family relied on help from faithful freinds. Soon, the family moved into a small home in Gainesville, Georgia and Dayan were enrolled into the local Special Education Program.

Inspired by the loving care her son received, Yvonne Tosta began to feel a calling to serve other people with disabilities. Thus, in 2001 Georgia Pals, Inc. was created.


Its Mission: Provide personal care in the most respectful and compassionate manner.

“Just as Dayan should be treated,” continues to be the quality standard set forth by Yvonne and Mario Tosta.  With close to 20 years of service, Georgia Pals is proud to have part in many previous and ongoing success stories.